Editor B:

Editor's Note: Thankfully there was a solution, and XY picked it up from Planned Parenthood the next day. A "morning after" pill. What, you thought it was only legal in France? So did I...


But this is not the fabled RU-486. In fact, it's nothing but some plain old birth control pills, taken in a special dosage. I think she took five in the morning and five in the evening, or something like that. Hey, I'm not dispensing medical advice here -- obviously you wanna check with a doctor before you try this yourself. I guess it forces your body to have a period. Pleasant thought, huh? I'm sure it's pretty rough on the system.

A web-surfer in Houston, Texas saw this page and wrote:

	I know that this is none of my business but you did write 
	about it.  You know the "broken condom" incedent.

	Well I just don't see how you could take a "morning after 
	pill" and think nothing of it.

	I understand where you are comming from. my husband and I 
	are only 20 and 24 and are not financialy secure and I want 
	to finish school first, but the thought of doing what ya'll 
	did well it breaks my heart.

	I think you freaked and never considered that what could have 
	happened if you did not let a chemical interfere.  Either a 
	child is born or nothing happens.

	But whatever your fate you should have strength in you, each 
	other, and who ever or what ever you believe in would bring 
	you through the scarieness of it all.

	Those are just my thoughts.

To which I replied:

	I admit I was a bit stunned when I read this.  To say 
	that Christy or I thought nothing of it!  Quite the opposite, 
	in fact.  I'd hoped that my writing had captured the sense 
	of crisis that we felt.

	It breaks my heart, too.

	You say that "Either a child is born or nothing happens."  
	That's a pretty big either/or, wouldn't you agree?  
	Having a child is a serious thing.

	We had the strength to make a difficult decision.  
	Not your decision, perhaps, but I hope you realize 
	that we were trying our best to do the right thing.  
	Perhaps we have different ideas of when life begins.  
	If so, then our differences are more a matter of 
	philosophy, not strength.

	Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I really do appreciate 
	somebody expressing something genuine for a change.

The strange saga of the Menstrual Hut ends here. These pages are not really being updated, but they are being maintained becuz of their incredible popularity. (Well, it's incredible to me, anyway, that so many people would want to look at this, but there's no accounting for tastes.)

I hope you enjoyed your visit here. Many of you will return, at least in spirit, about once a month. Perhaps you'll be able to make something positive out of a messy and basically unpleasant experience. That's what we've tried to do here.

Footnote: You might wonder why all this narrative is written by me and not by XY herself. The truth is that XY isn't into writing much. She doesn't like to sit still for that long. Rather than "fake it" and have somebody write from her perspective, as in the typical dramatic narrative, I've opted to write in my own voice and preserve the integrity of this documentary.

Remember, ROX is all real -- this ain't no sitcom, see.