Editor B: Editor's Note: So then what did we do? We drove out to Twin Lakes recreation area! It's called Twin Lakes because there used to be two lakes here... until they drained 'em and put in a bunch of softball diamonds.
[Twin Lakes Recreation Area]
As you can imagine, XY wasn't exactly in the mood to play ball. See, we're not ready to have a child yet -- if ever. We're unprepared financially, emotionally, physically, and career-wise. If we do have a child, we want it to be intentional, not the result of a broken condom.
[XY warms up]
XY is on a softball team. I'm sure her teammates would have understood if they'd known the truth, but she didn't want to let them down. That's the kind of woman she is. It broke my heart to see her swinging through her tears.
[XY at bat]

Our friends Terry and Jason were there to cheer XY on.

[Terry and Jason cheer]

But even their antics couldn't clear my head of the worry and panic that seemed to be setting in like one of XY's famous migraine headaches.

[XY plays third base][Scott 'Burns' Evans 
scores a run]

I was thinking about abortion.

I was thinking about fatherhood.


In the end, XY's team lost.

Everybody seemed pretty demoralized.