Editor B:

Editor's Note: I scanned these images myself, at a university computing cluster, and I can assure you that it was an experience I'll never forget.

Good thing I have nerves of steel.

But this wasn't my idea.

The real star of this show is that mysterious woman known only as XY. This is her blood that you're looking at. Examine the stains and get to know her a little better. Like reading tea leaves, perhaps you can divine something of XY's future in these patterns. Or, after the manner of a Rorshach inkblot test, perhaps you can discover something of her psychological make-up -- or your own.

XY's Gallery of Pads

[PAD #1] [PAD #2] [PAD #3] [PAD #4] [PAD #5]
Editor B:

Another Note from the Editor:

XY really wanted another image to go in right here -- she insists that it's "part of the story." After going thru the above five pads in about two and a half days, she thought the flow had ended. You'll note the fifth pad has very little blood on it. But her body fooled her, and she ended up with a pair of stained panties.

I had the garment with me at the cluster, but I simply could not bring myself to put it on the platen of the scanner. The pads were tough enough -- I waited until no women were around, figuring the guys wouldn't recognize the pads for what they were.

(When I'd finished and I lifted the scanner lid, all the pads stuck to it with their adhesive backing, and I had to peel them off; it was quite noisy.)

But a panty is more widely recognized than a pad, and I just couldn't do it. Try to imagine explaining that one to the consultant on duty! "Well, uh, you see, it's kind of an art project..." And then when they find out I'm not even a student... Bad scene.

I'm working on getting the image scanned elsewhere, but I left the whole bag of pads and the panty in our webmaster's apartment, and he's been incommunicado for the last week or so.

So imagine a stained undergarment here, and then savor the two pads below, apparently a different brand, which serve to round out this bloody saga.

[PAD #6] [PAD #7]
Editor B:

Yet Another Note from the Editor:

So what do you think of that? It's been a kind of unexpected oddessy for me, a revelation of blood and nature.

I'm sure that some culture somewhere on this vast planet of ours uses these kind of bloodstain patterns as a prognosticatory device. Humans are always trying to divine the future. As I look at the stains above I almost feel as though there is a message there, a mystery that I can't quite unravel.

Is it becuz I'm a man? Is it becuz I'm too close to XY? Or am I just too close to the screen?