Editor B: Editor's Note: I hope you never have to see something as distressing as the image featured here in YOUR real life... We did, and I can tell you, it ain't no fun.
{a broken condom}

It was just after we finished the page of pads. XY and I had not had conjugal relations for at least a few weeks, maybe longer. So it was a special romantic and invigorating summer afternoon for us, and we were both very happy to be fulfilling our marital roles.

Have I not mentioned that we're married?

Anyway, midway through our second go-round, it started feeling really good for me. A little TOO good. So I disengaged my engorgement and examined the prophylactic.

Looks alright to me!

I plunged on obliviously...

Unhappily, I must admit that I was not careful enough. I failed to detect the hole at the end of the condom, a rip in the special "reservoir tip."

Our joyous celebration of Nature's Gift turned suddenly and sharply sour.